Fuzzy Games


THWAP is a doomlike fps, simplified to make for a fun fast-paced slaying experience. The player simultaneously uses 3 weapons against a small variety of monsters.
This project was started as a learning experience; making a full though simple game will give us some experience in all the fields required.
Status: paused developing
Free Download (pre-alpha)


Impforest (working name) is an immersive sandbox fps created to let you live through the mind of a child and his imagination.
Entering a forest and equipping yourself with only a stick, you start to see creatures emerging from the sky, your stick transforming into a fantastic weapon, and all kinds of magical happenings occuring purely for your entertainment.
Status: early development
Free Demo (pre-alpha)


A prototype we've started work on, Mega Riff Death Master is an attempt to make a guitar-hero-esque brawler. The player can be controlled in movement, and attacks when he hits a note. Combos can be done with extra guitar solos.
Status: paused developing


For the 7hour-fps jam, though it ended up taking 14 hours and being several days late, we finally completed this game. In a few weeks we'll be updating it with less bugs and more features. Will compile native builds for all systems soon.
Status: finished but updating
Free Game


Currently being rapidly developed for the 7 day fps game jam. Plan attacks by seeing through walls, stun enemies with thrown weapons, and chance upon the allmighty "wallhack laser".
Status: finished but updating