Fuzzy Games

Fuzzy Games is a game company created in 2013 by two brothers seeking to turn their ideas into reality.

We've halted development of our current games to participate in the 7 day FPS jam! 7dfps.com

THWAP (alpha)

THWAP is a doomlike fps, simplified to make for a fun fast-paced slaying experience.

Impforest (not in development)

The game that inspired the company, this larger project follows a child playing with his own imagination, resulting in a wide sandbox fps.

MRDM (prototype)

A prototype we've started work on, Mega Riff Death Master is an attempt to make a guitar-hero-esque brawler. The player can be controlled in movement, and attacks when he hits a note. Combos can be done with extra guitar solos.

Locusts (beta)

For the 7hour-fps jam, though it ended up taking 14 hours and being several days late, we finally completed this game. In a few weeks we'll be updating it with less bugs and more features.

Transparencies (prototype)

Currently being rapidly developed for the 7 day fps game jam. Plan attacks by seeing through walls, stun enemies with thrown weapons, and chance upon the allmighty "wallhack laser".